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Would you like to see more competition among distributors and providers of electricity in Milwaukee?

As Milwaukee residents, we all want to do our part in ensuring that everyone has access to affordable energy solutions. This is why it is important for us to engage with the Milwaukee Common Council and consider an advisory referendum on utility competition and exploring public and private partnerships as potential solutions for reducing energy burden.

By taking part in this process, we can come together as a community and create a more equitable energy landscape for everyone. With an open dialogue between the city council, local businesses, and citizens of Milwaukee, we can work towards creating real solutions that will benefit us all.

  • Would you like to see more competition among distributors and providers of electricity and gas in Milwaukee?

Exploring more competition in utility may be a great way for the Common Council to proactively address both city budgeting and shared revenue trade-offs negotiations. It’s worth considering how this could benefit the community as it continues to grapple with whispers of City insolvency. Ultimately, only time will tell if exploring new opportunities for greater competition is beneficial or not. However, given what we know about economics and markets, it certainly appears that there are potential benefits here worth investigating further.


- The Milwaukee Common Council has the power to advance a 2023 advisory referendum to raise the question on utility competition in Milwaukee.

- The ME Energies movement and several interveners, such as the Walnut Way

- Triggering the referendum is a crucial step toward creating an equitable energy system in Milwaukee that can provide affordable solutions tailored to its citizens' needs.



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