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EJII Wisconsin

2024 Strategic Direction

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Strategic Directo
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EJII is committed to establishing a comprehensive plan for 2024, focusing on economic, social, and environmental sustainability. Our mission centers around fostering collaborations and promote environmental justice, particularly within underserved communities.


Economic Strategy:

Our strategy is aimed at catalyzing growth opportunities through collaborations with cross-sector entities and community-based organizations. We have identified four primary funding sources: EPA's CPRG, EPA Community Cares, WPSC Energy Innovation Grant Program, and Wisconsin Solar for All.


Legislative Influence:

We regard influencing legislation in Wisconsin as a key priority. We plan to closely collaborate with the Black Legislative Caucus to ensure alignment between our initiatives and their strategic objectives.


Skill Development & Economic Mobility:

We aim to enhance economic mobility by creating opportunities in the sustainability sector. Our focus lies in skill development within Milwaukee's underserved communities.


Environmental Responsibility:

Environmental responsibility remains our core mission. We intend to collaborate with the State of Wisconsin OSCE to develop clean energy access and climate action plans.


Legal Infrastructure:

To build a robust legal infrastructure, we plan to expand our influence and engagement with the Wisconsin Public Service Commission and the EPA.


Strategic Alignment:

We will ensure the effectiveness of our initiatives by refining our strategic alignment through regular discussions and meetings.


Financial Goals:

Our financial goals for 2024 include ongoing fundraising efforts and a detailed budget plan that aligns with our sustainability objectives.


Energy, Broadband, Water, Transporation

​An equity-centered delivery of infrastructure is one that seeks to address racial disparities and create a more equitable distribution of resources.

Procedural and Restorative Justice 

Procedural justice, restorative and justice must also be included in any equity-centered delivery infrastructure. 

Promoting sustainable and affordable Homeownership by addressing diverse environmental factors, such as weatherization, energy efficiency, air and water quality, broadband access, electrification, and residential renewables.

BIPOC Business and Workforce Sustainability


Risk Management

Human Resource​



EJII Steering Committee Chair

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EJII Strategic Direction Knowlege Map

The Environmental Justice and Infrastructure Initiative (EJII) and Walnut Way Conservation Corp. have been involved in various initiatives and proceedings that have led to significant accomplishments. EJII, a grassroots program in Wisconsin, has been changing the narrative by bringing together diverse grassroots groups, Black and other communities of color, to develop an innovative statewide Environmental Justice Initiative that is community-driven. The initiative provides funding for projects that increase awareness and help to improve air quality, water quality, and reduce environmental health hazards. Eligible projects include those that promote renewable energy or energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or improve access to healthy foo

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