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Our Values

Truth & Trust

EJII works to bridge the gap between policy makers, advocates and impacted stakeholders to understand real-time economic development needs and trends. We seek to create meaningful partnerships that leverage resources and expertise for greater impact. We are committed to ensuring equitable outcomes in Wisconsin’s communities of color by building coalitions, fostering collaborations and amplifying community voice. We prioritize initiatives that increase access to essential services, create pathways to employment and business ownership and shift public policy toward a more equitable future.  

Through our research, analysis, stakeholder engagement, and technical assistance we strive to provide decision makers with the data necessary for developing successful projects and smart investments. We are dedicated to creating a more equitable society by increasing public awareness, developing innovative solutions and leveraging resources to create healthier communities. We know that systemic racism has created deep disparities within Wisconsin’s communities of color, so we strive to ensure that our efforts result in tangible progress.

Work accomplished in partnership with Black & Brown leaders


Advancing people with different identities, experiences, and perspectives in the room. Inclusion means that power is shared among those diverse people and that everyone’s voice is heard and incorporated into decision-making. Equity, as we’ve mentioned above, means equitable outcomes.

Understand historical and current power imbalances and inequity


Lifting up individuals with less assigned social power to be given more decision-making power.

Policy Entrepreneurship: allowing communities to play an active role in the political process.


We support member compensation. Especially individuals with limited income and disposable time.

Convene and create spaces for civic education & engagement


Co-created: time / date/ location and process for engaging community members.

Account for inequity in public processes and systems


We are centering people of color through the reallocation of resources, opportunities, and policies to address historical and current structures of racism.

Integrated Outreach & Engagement that is intergenerational and linked across sectors


“Ground-truthing” data and making sure it matches the lived experiences of impacted communities

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