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WI EJII Capacity Building Grants
$1,000 - $10,000
Funding actionable ideas to learn, engage and create power

The EJII Capacity Building Grant helps Wisconsin grass-roots organizations that can use unrestricted operational support to elevate community awareness and knowledge of environmental justice issues. The Initiative offers support across a network of organizations to move residents into action on infrastructure investment issues. It is key the projects align with EJII Strategic Direction.

EJII is offering technical assistance grants between $1,000 – $10,000 to organizations specifically to increase community-wide awareness of climate change. The Initiative invests in actionable capacity building activities that educate communities about Environmental Justice locally and beyond.


Examples of possible Capacity Building ideas include:

  • Design, plan and host a series of virtual events to bring awareness to your group's environmental justice issue. Propose a plan that enrolls new supporters into the movement.

  • Sustain an existing Environmental Justice outreach and engagement campaign currently underway. Propose a plan to sustain your work and build your base.

  • Engage in collective impact and join a campaign effort to address resilience in communities of color.


On an ongoing basis the EJII Steering Committee is thoroughly evaluating and preparing to award grants from the EJII Technical Assistance Grant Fund in a comprehensive manner. Potential grantees will have the opportunity to present their projects virtually, outlining how their projects align with and drive results towards the EJII Strategic Direction. This strategic direction is designed to propel Wisconsin toward bold statewide action during the first half of 2023. 


As such, we ask potential grantees to consider how their project can amplify awareness around key issues that connect our neighborhoods together, while also making progress towards policy or regulation changes that are favorable for equitable outcomes for all Wisconsinites.  

The process of evaluation by the EJII Steering Committee includes careful consideration of these points and others when awarding grants from the EJII Technical Assistance Grant Fund.  


We look forward to hearing how your project can help shape a better future for Wisconsin! Thank you for your interest in the EJII Technical Assistance Grant Fund and we wish you luck as you pursue this opportunity. 


We envision your team building the technical capacity and skills to grow and sustain your base of support to address environmental justice and infrastructure issues that impact your community, with the support of the entire EJII statewide network. EJII Strategic Direction

Complete Application

Click Here to Begin

-W9 Form Required-

Applications due 

No Deadline -  Accecpted on Rolling Basis 

Grantee Requirements

EJII will award grants between $1k – $10k for each partner to use specifically to bring awareness to an Environmental Justice issue by engaging community members, convening discusions, and advancing actionable tactics and strategies to accelerate Environmental Justice advocacy in the state of Wisconsin.

  • Grants Update

  • 4 hour monthly EJII meeting time committment (2023)

  • Monthly EJII reports - 

  • Future Events TBD

  • Panelist participation and Discussion Facilitator @ EJII Events

  • Recruit and educate new initiative members

  • Members complete Racial Equity Primer & Climate Resilience Virtual Workshops ($50 stipend per member)

How to Submit Your Proposal

  • Plan 1-2 hours to complete the online application

  • Draft your responses in a document and copy/paste in the proposal submission form

  • After submission: Prepare for and schedule 30-minute virtual presentation of proposal ideas EJII Steerining Committee

Prepare to upload:

  • W9 (Organization or Individual(s))

  • IRS 501(c)3 Letter

  • If not a 501(c)3, upload identification of two primary project owners/managers

  • 501(c)3 not required

  • List of primary project partners

  • Financial audit, if requesting $5,000  or above

  • We recommend groups without 501c3 request $2,500 or less

EJII Member Training & Stipend

$50 Stipend, paid directly to Initiative members through

To receive stipend each member must complete: 

  • EJII membership application

  • Racial Equity Primer & Climate Resilience Workshop (1hr virtual session, pre/post quizzes)

Grant Submission Process

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