Wisconsin Environmental Justice Infrastructure Initiative

What for?

All over the United States, communities of color are leading neighborhood-based climate initiatives, advancing strategic actions, and informing policies and practices. However, these community leaders do not always receive the resources, support, or recognition needed to foster transformative impact.


Wisconsin Environmental Justice Infrastructure Initiative seeks to change that narrative by bringing together diverse grass roots groups specifically people color to develop an innovative statewide Environmental Justice Initiative that is community-driven and equity-centered.


We seek to strengthen our coalition member knowledge to build capacity and galvanize communities of color to support and advocate, towards equitable access and influence on infrastructure investments in Milwaukee and across Wisconsin.

  • Advocacy Organizations: 

    • Organizations working on aligned outcomes that would benefit from a larger network of advocates to strengthen their environmental justice demands.​

  • Impacted Residents: 

    • Communities that have suffered from Environmental Injustice that need support in bringing awareness to the residents and move them to action with key organizations.  ​


Engagement Focus

We target unequitable extractive policy, processes and systems to bring awareness to the effects they have on our community's wellbeing, and to ignite public support towards equitable access and influence on Milwaukee and Wisconsin infrastructure investments being allocated across all government sectors.

  • Municipalities​, Appointed Decision Makers / Regulatory Bodies​

    • Appointed decision makers at the regulatory bodies that hold power to affect regulations that impact our community's health and well being. ​

  • Elected Decision Makers

    • Elected officials who hold decision-making power over key policies, budgets and industries.