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Ultimately, who pay$ for the We Energies - Percentage of Income Payment program?

The Percentage of Income Payment Program (PIPP) will be funded through a combination of blended sources, including industrial customers, small business customers, and residential customers. In addition to these sources, federal resources and charitable contributions from the utilities also play a significant role in financing the program.

It is important to understand that the funding for PIPP is determined through a process of negotiation involving all key stakeholders. Historically, low-to-middle income stakeholders have not been part of these conversations or had a seat at the table to discuss utility rates, performance-based rate-making, and future management of these systems in Milwaukee. However, our efforts to date have created an opportunity to design a more fair and equitable energy system in the city, allowing all parties involved to prosper.

As a monopoly utility in Milwaukee, We Energies is charged with the responsibility of ensuring affordability and reasonable energy prices for all customers. This means they must provide a range of products and services that cater to the diverse needs of the community they serve. The PIPP aims to fulfill this requirement by addressing the financial constraints faced by low-income households and helping them better manage their energy costs.

The determination of how We Energies serves and addresses the needs of Milwaukee ratepayers is ultimately up to the Public Service Commission and the ratepayers themselves. This process takes into account the unique circumstances and economic conditions that exist within Milwaukee, ensuring that the utility's offerings are tailored to meet these needs.

It is essential for all stakeholders to be engaged in public involvement and the negotiation process to ensure that the program benefits everyone involved and contributes to a prosperous, sustainable energy landscape for the city.

5-UI-121 Notice of Public Input Session Development of Alternatve Low Income Assistance Pr
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EJII Letterhead - Energy Burden - 2023 3rd QTR-combined
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