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Unmasking We Energies' Misleading Clean Energy Claims and Utility Rate Increases! ⚡

Historic redlining practices have created neighborhoods with high energy burdens and increased exposure to environmental hazards.

EJII participation in Wisconsin Public Service Commission utility rate cases and alternative payment programs proceedings...

The initiative strives to promote public awareness through education and support efforts that seek recourse against unfair utility practices. It also seeks to facilitate collaboration between stakeholders by sharing resources and funding opportunities that enable collaboration on solutions that benefit everyone involved.

Utility Price Protection Is Here: Get On Board With PIPP

60,000 customers who qualify for the PIPP payment program represents less that 1% of We Energies 2.5M customers in Greater Miwlaukee

The Percentage of Income Payment Program (PIPP) at We Energies will help customers reduce their energy costs and prevent uncollectable accounts.  We Energies charges Millions in uncollectable accounts back to Milwaukee rate payers. PIPP can change this!
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