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Why utility rate cases matters?

Designing electric rates that are beneficial for both customers and the environment is crucial for advancing a clean energy future. In Milwaukee, recent utility rate cases and the role of the Wisconsin Environmental Justice and Infrastructure Initiative (EJII) highlight the importance of thoughtful rate design.


Utility Rate Cases in Milwaukee

The Public Service Commission (PSC) of Wisconsin recently reviewed and approved several rate increase requests from utilities such as Madison Gas & Electric (MGE), Xcel Energy, and Alliant Energy. These rate increases are intended to fund renewable energy projects and grid modernization efforts. However, the PSC scaled back the requested increases to address affordability concerns, reflecting a balance between necessary investments and customer financial burdens.


For instance, MGE's approved rate increase was reduced from a requested 7.2% to 5.8% over two years, translating to a modest increase in monthly bills for residential customers. Similarly, Alliant Energy's rate increase was cut from 13.8% to 8.4%, and Xcel Energy's increase was significantly reduced from 4.8% to 0.1%[5]. These decisions underscore the PSC's commitment to ensuring that rate hikes are justified and manageable for customers.


Role of EJII in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Environmental Justice and Infrastructure Initiative (EJII) plays a pivotal role in advocating for equitable and sustainable energy practices. EJII provides grants and resources to grassroots environmental organizations, aiming to increase community awareness and participation in environmental justice issues. This initiative focuses on ensuring that communities, especially those disproportionately affected by environmental and economic inequities, have access to the resources and support needed to foster transformative environmental impact.

Principles for Fair and Sustainable Rate Design

To design electricity rates that are fair and promote a clean energy future, several guiding principles should be considered:

1. **User-Friendly Rates**: Rates should empower customers to manage their electricity use effectively, enabling cost savings and encouraging energy conservation.
2. **Reflect Carbon Costs**: Rates should account for the environmental and health costs of carbon pollution, promoting cleaner energy choices.
3. **Incentivize Clean Energy**: Rate structures should incentivize the adoption of clean energy technologies, such as solar panels and electric vehicles.
4. **Support Clean Energy Projects**: Rates should support investments in clean energy projects and customer-owned systems, ensuring fair compensation for contributions like rooftop solar energy.
5. **Affordable Access**: Rates should safeguard affordable electricity access for low-income customers, preventing energy poverty.


Pricing Design Recommendations

- **Minimize Fixed Fees**: Focus on per-kilowatt-hour charges to encourage energy conservation.
- **Time-of-Use Rates**: Implement rates that favor off-peak clean energy consumption, reducing strain on the grid and promoting renewable energy use.
- **Fair Compensation**: Ensure that customers who generate their own electricity, such as through rooftop solar, receive fair compensation for their contributions to the grid.

By adhering to these principles, utilities can design rates that not only meet financial and operational needs but also advance environmental goals and support customer empowerment. This approach aligns with the broader vision of a sustainable and equitable energy future for Milwaukee and beyond.

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