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Wisc. rate case raises questions of who pays and profits from energy transition -Energy News Network

A proposed rate increase by We Energies is facing pushback from community groups that say the Milwaukee utility is failing to meet its legal obligation to provide affordable power.

The 13% electricity rate increase would fund new utility-scale solar and natural gas generation. The rate case by We Energies’ parent company, WEPCO, is currently before the Wisconsin Public Service Commission.

State regulators are exploring whether the utility is earning unjustified profits, while ratepayer advocates say the rate hike would force some families to choose between paying rent, medical bills, or other costs.

“Basically they are out of compliance — they’re not meeting the affordability requirement that’s set by state law,” said Antonio Butts, executive director of the community organization Walnut Way, which represents the Lindsay Heights neighborhood and is an official intervenor in the rate case.

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