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The Inequality of We Energies: How Milwaukee Customers are Being Left Behind

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

In Milwaukee, customers of We Energies face distinct disadvantages compared to other customers in the states that the company serves. From billing and payment plans to programs and services available for managing energy costs, Milwaukee customers receive an unequal burden when compared to other regions.

The inequality is staggering - with scarce energy burden data and limited access to alternate payment programs, eligible customers suffer. This needs immediate attention from public officials and legislators.

Did you know Illinois offers a state-approved bill payment program based on income percentage? It's about time legislators in Wisconsin and We Energies follow suit and drive similar efforts to promote equity. This one-sided relationship with We Energies is not just unfair but also compounds the burden on those who can least afford it.

Unbelievable but true! We Energies charges customers tens of millions for uncollectible accounts every year! We need stronger utility oversight and tools like a Payment Program based on Income Percentage to decrease the number of uncollectable accounts.

We Energies' unchecked annual costs for uncollectable accounts are in the tens of millions. Yet, they choose to charge struggling customers instead of investing in effective programs for those who are unable to pay. Time for change!

It's frustrating when businesses treat customers differently based on where they live, and We Energies is no exception. Folks in Milwaukee seem left out in the cold when it comes to managing energy costs, while those in other markets enjoy a variety of options. From disparities in billing to limited payment plans, the struggle is real for Milwaukee-based customers, contributing to an energy inequality that needs to be addressed.

Did you know that 60,000 We Energies customers qualify for alternative payment programs in Milwaukee? That's a lot, right? What if I told you that those 60,000 represent only 1% of, We Energies total customer base (2.5 million customers) and that there are tangible solutions that can be implemented to close this gap? Yes, you read that right!

Solar developments are one of the most promising solutions out there. By producing 400 MW of solar energy, we can power 60,000 homes of deserving families. It is being done in Kenosha, Wisconsin right now! Not only that, but it's also great for state sustainability goals and delivers a high return on investment (ROI) for federal resources.

The evidence is crystal clear – Milwaukee customers are being left behind compared to other markets. It's time for state legislators and officials to take action and put a stop to this inconsistent treatment.


  • There are 60,000 We Energies customers in Milwaukee that qualify for an alternative payment program.

  • Those 60,000 customers represent less than 1% of We Energies total customer base of 2.5 million.

  • It takes 200 Mega Watts of solar to power 60,000 homes. It's being done in Kenosha, Wisconsin

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13 giu 2023

Every year our rates go up to grease their pockets or some politicains or remodel their downtown building! Monopoly but worse than the game!

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13 giu 2023

I don't with increase no

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12 giu 2023
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I agree

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