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Alliant Energy Rate Case: Dane County
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Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
Federally funded program that provides financial assistance to qualified low-income households in paying their home energy bills. Direct payments towards utility bills or grants for weatherization and insulation improvements that can reduce long-term energy costs.
Funding levels vary, funds may run out before all applicants have been served due to high demand for assistance each year. LIHEAP does not provide any direct payment towards utility bills; do not directly address short-term needs like high utility bills due to extreme temperatures or other unexpected events.
One of the major advantages of LIHEAP is that it does not have any income requirements or eligibility criteria; anyone who meets basic qualifications can receive assistance from this program regardless of income level or other factors. Additionally, LIHEAP funds are available throughout the year and can be used for both emergency situations and regular energy expenses such as heating costs during winter months or cooling costs during summer months.
Docket ID: 5-TU-100 - LIFT Program
Wheat Energies Lift Program is a program that provides assistance to low income individuals and families. It helps them access energy assistance, expand eligibility for the program, and provide energy efficiency services.
Can be difficult to access. Can be expensive for low-income individuals and families. If an individual or family does not meet certain criteria they may not qualify for assistance at all. Penalties associated with this program if an individual or family fails to comply.
Docket ID: 5-UR-110 - PIPP Pilot
The PIPP docket is not a tariff, but instead it's a UI docket - UI meaning Utility Investigation. An exploratory process, unlike the LIFT docket which is a tariff and will have an impact on customer billing and access to programs. Public Listening Session in both Milwaukee and Green Bay, WI to be held, next month in June.

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Public Listening Session


June 14th, 2023, in Milwaukee, North Division High School

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