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Percentage of Income Payment Program: Still Under construction in Milwaukee - progress is being made..

On January 26, 2024, a series of updates regarding the PIPP Plus program were discussed. Program design will be the next phase of the process. Below are the main takeaways from the latest collaborative stakeholder discussion. Program design, and implementation are the key next steps in the process..

  • Connection to Arrears Forgiveness: There's a consensus that linking participants to an arrearage forgiveness program encourages regular payments and addresses any existing burden of prior balances. The duration of such a program is currently under discussion.

  • Connection to Energy Efficiency: The group agrees that energy efficiency can reduce high energy use/energy burden, and participants would benefit from connections to Focus/Weatherization programs.

  • Response to Customer Non-payment: The group generally agrees that if a customer is disconnected for non-payment, it should not affect their participation in the program.

  • Eligibility Timeline: The timeline for participant eligibility recertification is being debated, with suggestions ranging from every two years to annually.

  • Cap on Program Participants: The group is discussing whether there should be a cap on the number of participants.

  • Energy Burden Thresholds: The group is pondering the level of energy burden the program should target for reductions.

  • Eligibility Requirements: The threshold for participant eligibility is being discussed, with some suggesting income eligibility set at a maximum of 200% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL).

  • Participant Enrollment Process: The process for participant enrollment is under discussion, with some suggesting automatic enrollment for those whose income levels are known.

  • Cost Recovery: The group is discussing how program costs should be addressed.

  • Minimum and Maximum Payment Thresholds: The group is discussing whether there should be minimum and maximum payment thresholds.

  • Data Reporting and Assessment: The group is discussing what data should be reported by the utility on this program.

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